From water drop to peacock

From water drop to peacock

Make a beautiful, colourful peacock from water drops! Follow the steps in this DIY and discover the versatility of the drop as a base shape. The design of our droplet punches is perfect for creating all kinds of different craft projects, both big and small. For example, a droplet upside down becomes a balloon and several drops together become the petals of a flower.

Collect 6 shades of paper that match well together or use the same colours as we did. Use the small punch (21432-062: 3/8") to cut out a drop shape 18 times in the colour Lime (2928-068) and 18 times in the colour Sapphire (2928-050). Use the next size drop punch (21436-064: 5/8") to cut out shapes 18 times in the colour Lime and 12 times in the colour Sapphire. Use the 1" punch (21496-005: 1") 18 times on the colour River (2928-048) and 12 times on the colour Lime.
Use the 1.5" drop punch (21496-006: 1.5") to cut 1 piece out of the Sapphire paper (the head of the peacock). Punch the colour Sky 12 times (2928-044) and the colour Spa 18 times (2928-060). Use the 2" punch (21437-079: 2") 12 times on the colour Emerald (2928-058). Punch with the 3" drop punch (21439-068: 3") 2 times in the colour Lime, 1 time in the colour Emerald and 5 times in the colour Sky. Use the 3.5" punch (21493-007: 3.5") 1 time on the colour Sapphire (the body of the peacock).
Start by glueing the smallest Lime drops (3/8") on the larger Emerald drops (3"). Glue the body and head of the peacock on the top. Then stick the 2 Lime drops (3") on the body and do the same with the 5 Sky drops (3").
Take the Emerald drop (2") and stick the Sky drop (1.5") on it. Then stick the Lime drop (1") on it and finish with the Sapphire drop (5/8"). Repeat this 12 times. Take the 1.5" drop and stick the River drop (1") on it. Then stick the Lime drop (5/8") on it. Finish with a Sapphire drop (3/8"). Repeat this 18 times.
Apply glue to the centre of each cut-out because the drops are placed slightly over and under each other. Start by sticking 6 sets of drops of which the largest is 1.5". Then stick 5 sets of which the largest drop is 2". After this you continue pasting the smaller sets (1.5"). For the outer rim, start at the bottom left. Attach a big, small, big and small set of drops.
The middle of the outer edge consists of 3 large sets of drops (2"). After this, continue alternating small and large sets. Your peacock is ready!

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Vaessen Creative • Motivstanzer Tropfen 10x7mm

Vaessen Creative • Motivstanzer Tropfen 10x7mm

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