Words of support can do wonders to help someone get through a tough time. We offer a wide range of high-quality products to make sure that such words of comfort can be presented beautifully and appropriately. Just right for lifting someone’s spirits.

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Crealies • Foil, Emboss & Ink it! BETERSCHAP

Crealies • Foil, Emboss & Ink it! BETERSCHAP

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Tonic Studios • Essentials simply stamped stamp set Circular sentiment

Tonic Studios • Essentials simply stamped stamp set Circular sentiment

Tonic Studios
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At Vaessen Creative we provide theme-base craft supplies and the ‘Get well soon’ category is of course essential. After all, you can’t be sure of finding all kinds of attractive cards in a hospital. 

What do we work with?

We offer three specific products for the customer to get started. These are embossing folders, clear stamps and cutting dies. The products vary, but they mainly contain familiar words and phrases that can give someone a boost or put a smile on a person’s face. We also cover a variety of languages with our products. As well as the universal ‘Get well soon’ and the Dutch ‘Veel beterschap’, we also offer stamps and stencils in French and German. And for the classicist or lover of proverbs, Vaessen Creative has just the right stencil: carpe diem! 

Beautiful to look at

Fonts have been making great strides in recent years and have become a real trend. They’re not only beautiful to look at, but they’re sometimes crucial to the impression made by a text. For this reason, as well as varied content, we also have appropriate fonts. They range from streamlined lettering to a more elaborate ‘handwritten’ feel. As a final touch, we have a number of figurative stencils and stamps without text. They include the lively animated figures from Marianne Design and the cutting die on a ‘hospital’ theme. These products are ideal for brightening up a sick room at a school or decorating a pediatric ward. They will immediately give a friendlier feel to places that some children find scary. 

Striking the right note

From ‘Donut Worry’ to ‘Thinking of you’: our assortment can suit any mood or emotion. We’re aware that illness and ‘Get well soon’ wishes are a sensitive topic, particularly compared with other ‘lighter’ themes. So we think it’s important to offer products that strike a variety of emotional notes. In our product range we try to match every person’s mood – from frothy and funny to serious and sincere. 

Who do we work with?

Alongside the products of Vaessen Creative itself, we also offer some other brands. We’re completely confident that they offer quality materials for our customers and for yours. These brands include:

At all times we carefully consider every aspect of our assortment, from form to content. We hope you’ll be happy with the products on the ‘Get well soon’ theme. We’re sure that they will not only be of added value for your store, but also for the customer who ultimately buys them!