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Want to make your own Halloween decorations? It’s easy enough to do with the Halloween DIY projects that you’ll find in this category. Whether you’re looking for projects to make your own Halloween decorations or to find inspiration for Halloween costumes, you’ve come to the right place! You could create your own shirts for Halloween or make fun trick-or-treat goodie bags. One thing is certain, you’ll have lots of grisly, gruesome fun!

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Halloween is a time for fancy dress parties, scary horror movies, and spooky Halloween decorations. Give your home and your outfit a makeover for lots of grisly and gruesome fun at Halloween! Making your own Halloween decorations is a breeze with our Halloween DIY projects. In this category, you’ll find various ideas for Halloween decorations and costumes. Happy Halloween!

Halloween costumes

Dressing up is part of the Halloween tradition. Do you need some inspiration? Then have a look at this category. Making your own Halloween costume doesn’t have to be difficult. Create your own unique designs using Hotfix transfer foil. Hotfix is used for decorating textiles. Create a fun design, cut it out, and then use an iron to transfer it onto your T-shirt. Use Hotfix to create your own shirts for Halloween in a flash. With your own handmade Halloween costumes, you’ll be sure to steal the show at any Halloween party!

Halloween home decorations

Hang up some fun Halloween decorations to turn your home into a haunted house! Great fun for when children come trick-or-treating at your door! Have a go at one of our Halloween DIY projects because making your own Halloween decorations is fun! At Halloween, houses in the USA are often decorated elaborately. Here in the Netherlands, we are also seeing more and more decorated houses at Halloween. Find inspiration here on how to add some Halloween spookiness to your home.

Halloween goodie bags

At Halloween, children go trick-or-treating from door to door in their best Halloween costumes! This category contains a fun Halloween do it yourself project to make your own goodie bags which you can fill with sweets and hand out to the children that come to your door. You can make the bags from Halloween scrapbook paper but they are also fun to make for any kind of children’s party.

With our Halloween DIY projects, you can be sure of having a grisly and gruesome time at Halloween!