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6 Easter projects to do with children


6 Easter projects to do with children

Easter crafting

There's nothing better than decorating your house with handmade accessories! Holidays such as Easter are the perfect occasion for creating something wonderful with the children and great for getting yourself in the festive mood. In this blog, we have put together a list of the very best Easter projects for crafting with children young or old.


Paper bunny rosettes

Use cardstock, glitter paper, googly eyes and stamens (that you’d normally use to make flowers with) to craft cheery Easter bunnies to dress your Easter table with. Use them as table place cards, for example.  Or thread numerous rosettes onto some string and hang the bunting up at your window. Here’s how: Fold a sheet of cardstock in a fan formation. Then fold the pack of paper in half and stick the ends together to form a rosette. Finish by adding (glittery) ears, whiskers and eyes and hey presto, you have your Easter bunny!

DIY fuse bead easter decorations 

You can make all kinds of accessories from fuse beads, such as key rings, fridge magnets or coasters. Not to mention these lovely Easter tree decorations. Follow the templates in this project to make true Easter shapes such as an Easter bunny, chicks, Easter eggs, birds and carrots. You can choose your own colour scheme, of course.

Spring animal pompom

Use cotton string and some paper to craft sweet Spring animals like lambs and bring springtime indoors! You’ll make two pompoms for each animal that you will attach together to form the head and body. You could also use ready-made pompoms. Finish by simply adding paper eyes and feet. High sense of satisfaction guaranteed!


Paper sweet bags

A great project to craft with very young ones: theses containers are perfect for handing out treats at school or for keeping chocolate Easter eggs in.  All you need are some paper cups, felt tips, glue and some scraps of paper.


Easter tree with pompoms

So much fun for such little effort! Use a glue gun to adorn beautiful Easter tree branches with pompoms of different colours and sizes. Put the branches into a vase and admire your Easter decoration.

Painted Easter egg pebbles

Pebble painting is a hit at the craft table, in the forest and on social media! You can use the pebbles again and again to play Easter egg hide and seek. Or you could make them and leave them in certain spots along a walk. Hide a couple next time you visit the woods or park and pleasantly surprise a stranger passing by! Find a few nice, smooth pebbles and paint them in bright patterns and colours to make them look like Easter eggs.