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Pipe Cleaner Rudolf the Reindeer

Pipe Cleaner Rudolf the Reindeer

If you love crafting and Christmas, this DIY project is perfect for you! This fun reindeer looks amazing on your windowsill and is perfect for crafting with children. Get crafty and get into the Christmas spirit with the Christmas Craft Kit by Vaessen Creative!

Take 5 brown pipe cleaners, 1 white pipe cleaner and a wooden spoon. Hold these as shown in the photo and twist 3 brown pipe cleaners around the centre of the spoon to form the body. Make sure not to twist the last 3 cm of the brown pipe cleaners around the spoon, but leave them hanging loose. Remove the spoon.
To make the neck, slide 1 of the remaining brown pipe cleaners and the white pipe cleaner through the body to the left, until about 2 cm of the wires is still sticking out on the right side of the body. Bend the long ends of the two pipe cleaners on the left side upwards. Now you’re left with 4 brown pipe cleaners – fold these down to make the legs. Use the remaining 2 cm on the right side to make the tail: twist the remaining 3 cm of the body (from step 1) around these 2 cm pieces of the tail. A small piece of the tail will remain sticking out – fold this in half.
Take the wooden spoon again and twist 2 brown pipe cleaners around it. Make sure not to twist the last 4 cm around the spoon, but leave it hanging loose. Remove the pipe cleaners from the spoon and slide them onto the long brown and white pipe cleaners that are sticking out upwards on the left side of the body (from step 2) to form the neck.
Twist the ends of the 2 brown pipe cleaners hanging from the neck one more time around the white and brown pipe cleaners. Then bend them in half to make the ears.
Now use the brown and white pipe cleaners sticking out of the neck to make the reindeer's head. Twist the brown pipe cleaner around the white pipe cleaner. Fold down the remaining part of white pipe cleaner that is sticking out and pass it under the head, between the pipe cleaners, to bend it back up so that it comes out behind the ears. Bend 2 loops in the pipe cleaners – you will need these later to make the antlers.
Now you should have 8 brown pipe cleaners left: 2 for each leg. Repeatedly twist 1 brown pipe cleaner around another one to make the legs a bit firmer at the top.
Take a white pipe cleaner, fold it in half and continue twisting and bending it to form the antlers. Leave the ends of the pipe cleaner slightly apart at the bottom. Repeat this step with a new white pipe cleaner to form the second antler.
Now it’s time to attach the antlers to the head. Twist the loose ends of the white antlers through the white loop behind the ears. Attach these to make it seem like the white loop is part of the antlers. Add googly eyes and a red pompom to make the face and you're done! Your reindeer is now ready to steal the show!

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Vaessen Creative • Christmas Craft Kit 450pcs

Vaessen Creative • Christmas Craft Kit 450pcs

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