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More than 25,000 items


Ordered before 3:00 PM, dispatched today!

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More than 25,000 items

Blending tools

There are various tools to create nice cards, labels or scrapbook pages with stamps. Have you thought about having an acrylic block, a stamp cleaner, a stamp platform or various useful accessories for creating particular effects?

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It’s very likely that while stamping, you’ll realize that you need a few accessories. If you’ve bought clear stamps or cling stamps, you’ll certainly need an acrylic block. It’s also handy to have a stamp cleaner to hand, as well as a stamp mat, a non-stick craft sheet or a stamp platform. There are also various accessories for creating different effects and at Vaessen Creative you’ll find handy sheets for storing your clear stamps. You can even make your own stamp.  

Acrylic block

If you want to use clear stamps or cling stamps, you’ll need an acrylic block. An acrylic stamp block is a clear plastic block to which you stick the clear stamps and cling stamps in order to use them. So it’s a kind of holder or handgrip. At Vaessen Creative you can even find acrylic stamp block sets in different sizes.

Stamp cleaner

After stamping it’s advisable to clean your stamps with special stamp cleaner. If a stamp no longer sticks properly to a stamp block, this is usually because it isn’t clean. Use the Stazon CleanerRanger water-based stamp cleaner or Tsukineko stamp cleaner for cling stamps (rubber stamps) and Stazon all-purpose cleaner for clear stamps. The Tonic Studios Nuvo stamp cleaning solution is suitable for cling stamps as well as clear stamps. It’s especially helpful when you combine it with the Tonic Studios Nuvo stamp cleaning pad. An ideal aid if you want to remove any remaining ink from your stamps after use. Tonic Studios Nuvo stamp cleaning pad is a block with synthetic bristles that clean all the grooves and details of your stamps easily and thoroughly.   

As an alternative to the Tonic Studios Nuvo stamp cleaning pad, Vaessen Creative also has the rub it scrub it stamp cleaning pad in its assortment. This is also a quick and easy way to clean both cling stamps and clear stamps. All the grooves and details in your stamps are safely cleaned. The rub it scrub it stamp cleaning pad is easy to wash with soap and water. After washing it, leave it to dry.

Stamp mat

stamp mat is very handy to use as a surface when working with stamps. You can achieve more even stamping results if you lay a rubber stamp mat under your scrapbook paper, cardstock or card.

Non-stick craft sheet

Protect your workplace against all kinds of paint, ink and glue with a non-stick craft sheet. At Vaessen Creative you can find different sizes of non-stick craft sheet. The sheet is long-lasting, as its smooth surface is easy to clean and it can then be used again. All non-stick craft sheets are heat-resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius and therefore also offer protection when you’re embossing with a heat tool. In addition, the sheet retains its shape, even after being repeatedly rolled up.

Stamp platform

A stamp platform makes positioning your stamps and stamping easier than ever before. With a stamp platform you can easily press your stamp again in exactly the same place. This makes it possible to create pictures that are stamped in different colors and made up of layers, with perfect precision. And you can use several stamps at the same time, for example to stamp texts. What’s more, stamp platforms are very easy to clean and, apart from the Marianne Design stamp master, they all have an anti-slip base, so that they stay in place.

The Tim Holtz stamp (travel) platform is a sturdy platform. The top is removable (it can be turned over), is made of clear acrylic and is used for clear stamps. The bottom is magnetic and you use it for cling stamps (rubber stamps). The sides are open, so that you can also work with large-format scrapbook paper, cardstock and stamping card. The Tim Holtz stamp platform is supplied with 2 magnets that you can use to fix your work firmly. At Vaessen Creative you can even find spare magnets and a protective sleeve for the Tim Holtz stamp travel platform edition. 

Vaessen Creative also offers its own-brand Stamp Easy Tool, which lets you work with stamps of various thicknesses, such as clear stamps and cling stamps. The sides of this stamp platform are also open, so that you can work with large-format scrapbook paper, cardstock and stamping card. In addition, the Stamp Easy Tool has a magnetic base and two magnets are supplied so that you can easily fix your work.

The We R Memory Keepers precision press is suitable for both cling stamps and clear stamps, and is open on the left and the underside, so that you can use any paper format.

The Fiskars easy stamp press and the Marianne Design stamp master have grid lines, just like the other stamp platforms, but do not give measurements in cm and are only suitable for clear stamps. What makes the Marianne Design stamp master unique are the stencils. With the three stencils supplied, you can make attractive frames using stamps. Because the casing is made of hard plastic and has a raised edge, like a CD case, you can’t use all sizes of paper. You can fit paper with a maximum size of 14.5x14.5cm into the casing. Another drawback is that the Marianne Design stamp master doesn’t have an anti-slip base.

Storing stamps

Looking for storage sheets for your clear stamps? The stamp sheets from Marianne Design are just what you need.

Ink blending tool

Use the ink blending tool together with inks to blend different colors of ink. Put a little ink directly onto the foam pad of the ink blending tool. If you’re working with several colors, use a separate foam pad for each color. Apply the ink to the paper by pouncing and swirling with the tool. Using a swirling motion ensures that the colors are blended. If the foam pad needs replacing, you can also buy replacement foams from Vaessen Creative.

Inkadinkado stamping mask paper

Use the Inkadinkado stamping mask paper to create depth with your stamps. On the resealable package there’s a clear explanation, with illustrations, of how this technique works. A package contains 12 sheets, each measuring 17.7x12.7cm.

Gel press         

With the Gel press plate you can easily create stunning backgrounds by putting a few drops of acrylic paint onto the Gel press plate, which you then distribute over the plate with a Gel press plate brayer (roller). Or you can use a Gel Press squeegee to add structure to the paint instead of spreading it evenly with the brayer. You can also add effects with the Gel press plate texture comb by running it over the paint on the Gel press plate. You then lay your paper on the Gel press plate and press it down well with your fingers. Just peel off the paper and – voilà! You can also stamp on the paper using the Gel press plate. The Gel press plate is easy to clean by rinsing it under the faucet or cleaning it with a baby wipe. 

Stamp accessories for making patterns

The Inkadinkado stamping gear is a creative stamp tool with which you can quickly and easily create attractive symmetrical patterns (or designs) and outlines for paper and home deco projects. In no time at all, you can make beautiful mandalas, for example. The tool has anti-slip foam on the base, so that it won’t slip during stamping.

Make your own stamps

The Inkadinkado stamp carving surface lets you make your own stamps. This is made of synthetic rubber for use in carving techniques. It’s very easy to work with, due to its composition and smoothness, and the fact that it isn’t very hard. The only other thing you need is an Inkadinkado carving tool for cutting the surface. After use, you can easily wash the Inkadinkado stamp carving surface, reuse it and even carve it again.