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Karin Luttenberg

Karin Luttenberg

Karin Luttenberg and her brand Paperfuel are known for their typical black and white doodles and beautiful hand lettering. Her success started a few years ago on Instagram, where she, as a starting illustrator, shared a drawing every day. Her posts caught the eye, and soon, she had a large group of fans who fell in love with her work. This led to the publication of Karin's first and immensely popular book "Handlettering how it's done!" in 2016. After that, the ball started rolling. By now, she has over 12 drawing books, her stationery line, and we can proudly say that she is developing an extensive and still growing line of hobby items together with Vaessen Creative. In Karin's own words, it is a dream come true. With her products, she likes to challenge everyone to (re)discover their creative side. See below the complete collection for the most beautiful hand letter and drawing materials. Want to know more about Karin Luttenberg? Read the extensive interview with her on our blog where she tells more about herself and her work!

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Paperfuel • Border punch backstitch

Paperfuel • Border punch backstitch

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