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Ordered before 3:00 PM, dispatched today!

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More than 25,000 items



All about: We R Memory Keepers PrintMaker

With the PrintMaker from We R Memory Keepers, you have a mini printer in the palm of your hand. Read all about this handy portable printer here!

We R Memory Keepers PrintMaker

The PrintMaker from We R Memory Keepers is a unique tool that lets you quickly and easily print the cutest designs and patterns on more than 50 types of materials. You no longer need to load paper into a printer. Instead, just move this mini-printer over the desired material and voila! Your design is printed! Need to print some text for your scrapbook? Want to create a label for a storage box? Or create a personalised gift in no time at all? It's all possible with the PrintMaker.

Print on more than just paper

With the PrintMaker, you are no longer limited to printing on paper. The PrintMaker can print on more than 50 (porous) surfaces. Transfer your prints onto, for example, cardboard, ribbon, fabric, canvas, wood, plastic, leather and much more. You can decorate and personalise almost any object with the PrintMaker. The possibilities are endless!

Tip: Although you can print on fabric with the PrintMaker, we cannot guarantee that the print will stay permanently. To make the print more permanent, you can treat the fabric with a fixer such as Mod Podge Fabric.

PrintMaker inspiration

  • To inspire you and give you an idea of the many possibilities of the PrintMaker, we have collected some creative ideas for you in the list below:
  • Make your personalised gift paper by adding a cheerful or pretty pattern to a thin sheet of paper
  • Design your own washi tape or decorate ribbons for gifts
  • Whether it's allowed is another story, but who says you can't print on the wall? For example, keep track of your kids' growth by printing their names and height on the wall.
  • Personalise and decorate wooden salt and pepper shakers
  • Print on wooden popsicle sticks to use as vegetable garden labels
  • Design your labels
  • Decorate and personalise leather purses and wallets
  • Decorate shoelaces, canvas bags and caps
  • Decorate the front, back or even the side of notebooks, planners and bullet journals (and then happily continue on the inside)
  • Add texts and dates to your scrapbook or add a nice decoration to your layout
  • Print cheerful prints on plasters to ease the pain just a bit more ;)
  • Print addresses on envelopes
  • Forget the pen! From now on, use PrintMaker to add your signature

PrintMaker app

To use the PrintMaker, you need the PrintMaker app. In this app, you can upload or design your designs. This app works with an iPhone, iPad or Android phone but not an Android tablet. Unfortunately, sending designs directly to PrintMaker from your laptop or PC isn't possible yet. However, you can create your designs on your laptop or PC and then upload them in the app on your mobile device.

Use your photos and designs, combine text (over 70 fonts to choose from!) with shapes, or choose from more than 1,000 ready-made images, (customisable) templates and patterns. New collections are added every month. Using the app is free, except for some premium collections with designs by We R Memory Keepers.

Tip: Did you know that when you purchase the PrintMaker, you will receive a discount code for a free one-year subscription to the paid collections in the app?

How does the PrintMaker work?

Once your design is ready, connect to the PrintMaker via Bluetooth and move the device over the desired surface. Thanks to the alignment light, you can see exactly where on the surface the design starts. There is no need to push on the printer from above. The PrintMaker makes prints up to 1,5 cm high and 40 cm long. Adjust the height and length settings in the app. You can also repeat your design infinitely by choosing the repeat printing option in the app on the print preview screen. Very handy for printing ribbons and shoelaces, for example!

PrintMaker: what's in the box?

The PrintMaker is available as an All-In-One Kit. Everything you need to get started with this beautiful device is here. The PrintMaker All-In-One Kit includes:

  • PrintMaker printer
  • Charging station
  • USB charging cable
  • 1 cartridge
  • 1 wiper
  • 10 wipes
  • Instruction booklet


You can expand your portable PrintMaker with cool accessories, such as a trendy storage case, handy tools for effortless straight printing, replacement ink and printable washi tape and labels. We have listed all the accessories for you below:

  • Magnetic Mat: Keeps substrates nicely in place and the PrintMaker straight while printing. Ideal to combine it with the alignment guides (see below).
  • Storage sleeve: Go for grey linen or pink vinyl and always transport or store your PrintMaker in style.
  • Washi & Ribbon Guide: Print your designs effortlessly straight onto different sizes of ribbons and washi tape.
  • Ink cartridge & wipes: Run out of ink? No problem! With this replacement cartridge (including 10 wipes to clean the print head) you can print again immediately!
  • Alignment guides: Print texts, images and repeating patterns effortlessly straight. The magnetic alignment guides are available in 2 sizes: large (30.5 cm) and small (16.4 cm).
  • Foiled tags: 40 ready-to-use gold foiled tags in different shapes and sizes, ready to print! Fun to use as gift tags, in your scrapbook or on greetings cards!
  • Printable washi tape: Decorate your scrapbook and greeting cards with self-designed washi tape. These washi tapes come in 3 sizes: 10 mm, 15 mm and 25 mm.
  • Ribbon: Design your gift ribbon using these white printable ribbons) as a base (available in sizes 10 mm, 15 mm and 25 mm).
  • Printable labels: Easily print pretty self-adhesive labels for all the pots in your kitchen, create stickers to seal envelopes or design the cutest labels for your planner or scrapbook.
  • Desk organiser: This handy desk organiser acts as a charging station, pen tray and organiser all in one! You can use it to store all the accessories you use with your printer. And did we mention it also looks great on your desk?