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Mod Podge Photo & Image Transfer

Mod Podge Photo & Image Transfer

Photo Transfer with Mod Podge: Everything you need to know!

Mod Podge is the go-to glue, sealer and finish for decoupage and everyday crafts. But did you know that you can also use Mod Podge for photo transfers? Move an image onto surfaces such as wood, glass, metal or fabric. Mod Podge has developed special formulas for this: Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium and Mod Podge Image Transfer Medium. In this article, you'll find tips and ideas on how to use these Mod Podge mediums for your photo transfer projects, the difference between the two and more. So scroll down to read all about photo transfers with Mod Podge!

What is photo transfer?

A photo transfer is the process of transferring a picture (printed image or text) onto another surface. This way you can make personalised home decor accessories from wood, glass or metal for example, or decorate existing furniture and accessories like coasters, trays, furniture, vases and more. You can also use it to embellish fabrics, such as pillows, tea towels and even shoes. 

Mod Podge Image Transfer vs Photo Transfer

Mod Podge has developed two special formulas for photo transfer projects: Mod Podge Image Transfer and Mod Podge Photo Transfer. But what's the difference between these two? Mod Podge Photo Transfer gives your project an opaque, white background. This makes it perfect for dark surfaces as the colours stay nice and vivid. Mod Podge Image Transfer on the other hand provides a transparent background. So white backgrounds will turn out transparent. This is especially nice if you want the background to show, like wood, cork or metal.

How do I make a photo transfer with Mod Podge?

First of all, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer or Image Transfer medium
  • An object (background) of your choice
  • A print or photocopy of your favourite photo on printer paper

NOTE! Only use a print or copy made with a toner cartridge (laser printer). 

  • Brush, foam brush or wide brush 
  • Scissors
  • Possibly a brayer

By the way, the Mod Podge Photo Transfer Kit contains everything you need for your photo transfer.

Tip: Use thin (standard print) paper for your image. The paper is rubbed off carefully afterwards and it's quicker and easier to do this with thin paper.

Step 1 

Cut the image to the desired size.

Tip: Are you using an image with text? Then make sure that you print it in a mirror image.

Step 2

Use a (broad) brush or a foam brush to apply the medium to the front of the image until the image is no longer or barely visible.

Step 3

Carefully pick up the image, for example with a pair of tweezers, turn it over and place it coated side down on your object. Press the image with your fingers or use a brayer. Any medium that appears at the edges can be removed with a cloth. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Step 4

After 24 hours, wet the paper with a damp cloth or sponge. When it's wet enough, you can carefully rub off the paper by making circular movements with a finger. Do this very carefully so that you don't accidentally rub off the image. Let it dry to see the result. If necessary, repeat the process by wetting it again and rubbing it gently.

Tip: Don't have the time or don't feel like waiting for 24 hours? Then take a look at the Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tool. This tool is ideal for transferring images to leather, textile, canvas and wood. 

Buying Mod Podge

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