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Handmade Christmas decoration using a wood burning tool

Handmade Christmas decoration using a wood burning tool

Atmospheric Christmas decoration and home-made gifts

Make your own wooden Christmas decoration or create original gifts using a wood burning tool. Pyrography - writing or drawing using a wood burning tool - is a technique that involves burning the surface of a wooden object to create beautiful pictures. This environmentally-friendly technique is in-keeping with the upcyling trend of treating existing objects so that they fit in with your personal style. Give your bare wood charity shop finds a unique second life or make original gifts from simple wooden objects such as trinket boxes, wooden spoons, broomsticks, stools, chopping boards, bowls and dishes. Pyrography is also ideal for personalising wooden toys.

You can create various effects using different attachments. Choose an untreated wooden surface and mark out your design in pencil first. Then set to work with the wood burning tool. First burn the lines and then start applying shadows, figures and textures. There is even a wood burning tool you can use for hand lettering. When you’re done with the wood burning, you can rub out the pencil lines.


Inspiration for DIY pyrography projects Are you ready to get started with pyrography? To get you inspired, we have listed the most fun DIY pyrography projects below. Also take a look at our blog about homemade gifts with a wood burner. Sustainable crafting has never been as much fun!

Scandinavian Christmas decoration. Choose a basic wooden shape such as a square and saw out a simple Christmas tree using a fret saw. Decorate the shape with various winter ornaments, such as baubles and snowflakes.

Pyrography wooden spoon. All you need is a pyrography tool and a few wooden spoons to hand-make the most gorgeous gifts. Create different prints, sketches, quotes and decorations to put together a mix & match selection that would please any hobby fiend. Check out the DIY here.

Atmospheric winter decoration. Choose a basic shape - a Christmas tree, for instance - and decorate it with a lovely pyrography drawing of a mountain landscape.

Hand lettering wooden gift tags. An original way to wrap gifts: hand-lettered wooden gift tags for a sending a personal message to each recipient.



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