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Christmas crafts for preschoolers

Christmas crafts for preschoolers

Make the best Christmas crafts for kids! Whether you're crafting with toddlers or older children, there are plenty of fun and easy arts and crafts ideas for the holidays. You can spread the joy with DIY Christmas cards, seasonal paper crafts and homemade baubles. Decorate your home with paper Christmas decorations. In this blog, we share 6 Christmas craft ideas to inspire you! You can make them as easy or as difficult as you like, creating an age-appropriate project for everyone. So get the scissors ready, grab your craft supplies and let the Christmas crafting begin. Have a great time together! Enjoy quality time working together and turning the best time of the year into the most creative time of the year.

6 easy projects

Get started with the following fun and easy preschool Christmas crafts ideas:

  1. Paper lanterns
  2. Christmas angels
  3. Snowman Christmas Decorations
  4. Hanging Christmas cards
  5. Snowman craft
  6. Paper garlands 

1. Paper lanterns

Lantern making is a true Christmas classic. You don't need more than just a few strips of paper and a bit of glue or double-sided tape. Fold the strips for the middle section in half once for a nice bend. Then stick the strips together as shown in the photo and embellish the lanterns with stars, glitter or rhinestones. And for the youngest crafters, colour the paper with paint, markers or pencils before cutting out the strips. Please note: only use safe LED tealights with these lanterns!

2. Christmas angels

Glitter foam helps give these simple Christmas angels an extra nice decorative touch. What do you need to make them? Glitter foam or sturdy pape, double-sided tape, a ribbon and rhinestones to add the final touch. You can easily create these Christmas angels by first cutting strips out of the foam or paper. Use one long strip and one shorter strip to form the body, and then stick the ends together using double-sided tape as shown in the photo. Make 3 other strips for the head and wings and then attach them to the body. Add a rhinestone to the spot where all the individual parts come together to give your project a nice and neat finish. Attach a ribbon, and your little angel is ready for the Christmas tree.

3. Snowman Christmas decorations

Turn everyday objects into the sweetest DIY decorations for Christmas. For this cheerful garland, you will need wooden clothes pegs, paper, paint and a few supplies such as ribbon, wiggle eyes and rhinestones. Paint the clothes pegs white and allow them to dry completely. While you wait, you can create hats and snowflakes using paper. Then finish up the snowmen by sticking on all the individual parts and using the ribbon to make a scarf. Attach the snowmen to a cord using a drop of glue or thick double-sided foam tape. Then decorate the garland further with snowflakes.


4. Hanging Christmas cards

Finished making Christmas cards and want to hang up your received Christmas cards? Read on quickly because we have another fun craft project that turns clothes pegs into reindeer! You need 3 whole pegs for the head and legs as well as half a peg for the body. Attach all the parts. Adding wiggle eyes, a mini pompom for the nose and a paper tail makes the reindeer come to life. For that final touch, wrap a small bell around the reindeer’s neck with a pretty bow made of ribbon.

5. Snowman craft

Use these paper snowmen in several different ways! You can stick them to a window, attach them to make a garland, fold them like a harmonica and set them up on a window sill as decoration, or send a snowman as a unique Christmas card. Using black and white paper plus decorations such as glitter cord, rhinestones and googly eyes, you can create a friendly face for each snowman. You can make an entire snowman family in no time.

6. Paper garlands

Making Christmas garland out of paper is a great activity for all ages and is a fun way to spend time together. You can make the garland as big and as long as you like using paper strips and scrap paper. Use strips that are wide or narrow, long or short, and decorate them using glitter, feathers or sequins to create a unique style for your Christmas tree. You can decorate the borders by using a border punch or by cutting along the edges with pinking scissors. Draw on the garland, paint it, or give each link a letter to form a beautiful Christmas message. Create personalised Christmas decorations to commemorate a special year, event or anniversary. ⁠ ⁠We are curious to see your Christmas creations. Share your pics with us on Instagram with the hashtag #craftedtosmile!

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