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For each kind of hobby there is a pair of scissors: domestic scissors, pinking scissors, embroidery scissors, fabric scissors (also called tailor's scissors), parchment craft scissors and all-purpose scissors. We have soft grip and metal grip scissors of all different marks. We also have left hand scissors.

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Fiskars • Hardware Scissors 25cm

Fiskars • Hardware Scissors 25cm

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The teflon coated scissors are specially designed for cutting all types of tape. Teflon prevents the glue residue to stick to the blade in order to ensure comfortable cutting.

Fabric scissors

Fabric scissors are sharper than paper scissors. This is due to the angle at which the edge is sharpened. Fabric scissors are specially designed to cut fabric and no other materials like paper or interfacing, resulting into blunt scissors. Paper contains wood fibers, which can damage the cutting edge of fabric scissors.