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Textile Hardener

Textile Hardener

Make sure your creations keep their shape with this fabric stiffener. With Powertex, Martha Stewart Crafts fabric stiffener and Mod Podge Stiffy, anything is possible. Not just fabric, but all absorbent materials can be hardened with a starch, as fabric stiffener is also called. You can also use fabric stiffeners as glue. By adding colored pigment to fabric stiffener, you can bring out countless of shades. Fabric stiffener can even be used to make air drying clay, which allows you to make the most beautiful sculptures for both indoors as well as outdoors.

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Powertex • Venetian Mask Cast Clair 7x4.5x3cm

Powertex • Venetian Mask Cast Clair 7x4.5x3cm

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Powertex is the most popular and versatile fabric stiffener of the bunch. You can use it to harden any absorbent material. Not just fabric, but also paper, cardboard, plush fabric, and leather. Powertex can be used with air drying clays, concrete, stone, ceramics, wood, and sand, to create sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and other works of art.

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Want to make a little basket from a lace doily? Or make a soft ribbon into a hard bracelet? Yes you can! Buy fabric stiffener at Vaessen Creative and get busy crafting!