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Vaessen Creative • Perforadora Maxi Boy Ø3,75cm

Vaessen Creative • Perforadora Maxi Boy Ø3,75cm

Vaessen Creative
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It can be difficult for children to be interested in anything other than playing games or watching television, but our products will succeed. For example, buy the finest pencils and markers of Bruynzeel. Or order special clay for children by Darwi.

Creative with fuse beads

Fuse beads, pony beads and folding papers in all kinds of colours and sizes. For infants and toddlers (3+) there are larger fuse beads, the maxi beads. For older children (6+) we have the Sock Friends by Darice. With Sock Friends they can make cute sock puppets to play with in their own puppet show. Foam stickers and felt stickers are very popular for decorating all kinds of children's crafting.

Remove paste residue

Where children craft, parents usually have to clean up the mess. Mod Podge, a safe product for children, has found a solution for this problem. Mod Podge Wash Out simply removes all paste residue.