Working with textiles is fun and the possibilities are endless! In this category you can draw inspiration for your own textile projects! You could use Hotfix foil, for example, to decorate an apron, T-shirt, or cushion with your own design. In addition to Hotfix projects, this category also includes projects you can make with our felt collection. Make a felt cushion, for instance, or a felt bag. If you still need a gift for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, or a baby gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift, it’s certainly worth taking a look at this category!

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In this category you can find inspiration for textile-based projects. You can use textiles for almost anything! This includes original Hotfix projects as well as fun felt projects. We have lots of creative ideas to help you get started straightaway. You can also find inspiration here for DIY decorations for your home and for handmade gifts. There are plenty of creative projects to choose from!


Hotfix foil can be used to decorate textiles. Use it to decorate a piece of clothing, for example, such as your own personalized T-shirt. This category includes a Halloween project which shows you how to make your own fun Halloween outfits using Hotfix transfer foil. However, you can also use Hotfix for other textile products, such as kitchen textiles. One of the DIY projects shows you how to decorate a kitchen apron. Hotfix iron-on foil can also be used to make decorations for your home. Make a cushion from felt, for example, and then decorate it with Hotfix products.


Felt is a very versatile material. It is easy to use and is therefore a suitable material for use in do it yourself projects for both adults and children. In this category you’ll find inspiration for making felt handicrafts. For example, there’s a DIY project for making felt garlands. Perfect for decorating your home and to liven up a party! We also have a project that shows you how to make your own felt bag. We have pre-cut felt suitable for any project. After all, Vaessen Creative felt is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Handmade gifts

Our textiles category contains DIY projects that are perfect to give as gifts to others. The products become much more personalized as you can design them just the way you want. Here you can find presents suitable for any occasion. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for baby gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, or gifts for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.