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Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts

Paper is a highly versatile material. Not only can it be used for scrapbooking and card making but also for all sorts of other paper crafts. This category contains different ideas you can use for crafting with paper. From a fun paper surprise box and a mini Christmas village to a gift label and paper goodie bag. Find inspiration here for a new craft idea and get to work. Have some paper fun!

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There’s nothing more fun than crafting with paper! You can use paper for almost anything. It can be used for origami, cutting, and folding, and also for scrapbooking and making cards. This category contains lots of fun ideas for crafting with paper.

Types of paper

We have a wide range of different types of paper and cardstock. We can offer the rights materials for any project. From scrap paper and paper pads to cardstock and cardboard. And from glitter paper and chalk paper to decoupage paper and design paper.

Christmas crafts

This category also contains some great ideas for Christmas. For instance, you could make a mini Christmas village from paper. Among our DIY projects you’ll find a template you can use to create your own paper houses. Choose scrapbook paper in a charming Christmas print, and color and create your own Christmas village! This Christmas village project also shows you how to decorate wooden Christmas trees to add a festive atmosphere to your village.

Paper party decorations

Here you’ll also find some tips on how to make your own party decorations. Just follow six easy steps to make paper garlands for the birthday boy or girl in no time at all. Your handmade Happy Birthday garland will add a decorative touch to any party! You can also make fun goodie bags with the DIY project for Halloween. Not only are these bags fun for Halloween but they can also be used for handing out sweets after a children’s party. Our do it yourself projects will help you make your own party items. This will add a special touch to any party!

Paper gift decorations

Make your gifts more personal by giving some thought to the way you wrap and decorate them. Have a go at making some beautiful handmade labels for your gifts. Discover just how easy it is to create beautiful gift tags with the help of our banner punch. We also have a DIY project which shows you how to make a surprise box. A great idea for giving someone something other than a card!

In short, paper crafting can produce a wide range of very different results. We hope you’ll be inspired by all our ideas.