Love it!

Love it!

Whether you want to create a beautiful thank-you card, a hexagon, wall decoration or a storage folder, the Love It! collection by Vaessen Creative allows you to let your creativity loose in all areas! For example, create a layout using the popular gel print technique or give your interior a Scandinavian style with the nice hexagonal boxes. We are happy to inspire you with the following DIY projects!

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With the products from the new Love It! collection you can do very versatile work. The collection exudes a Scandinavian style with its beautiful pastel colors, such as pale pink and mint green. The gold accents on the paper give it a luxurious look. Keep it minimalist by attaching modern patterns on hexagon shapes to the paper.  Or celebrate someone's homecoming with a home-made welcome home garland!


You could use hearts paper, star paper, striped paper and paper with geometric prints in the sweetest pastel colors and you will find them in the Love It! collection! On this DIY page, you will find everything you need for making cards, scrapbooking and other paper hobby works in an abstract style. Be inspired by the homemade storage folder or make someone happy with a "Party like a Rockstar" card. The paper of the Love It! collection consists of black and white in combination with pale pink, mint green and gold colored details in the loveliest patterns. You will also find a Kraft paper Paper pad with black and gold geometric prints in this collection.

Scandinavian style

In interior design, the Scandinavian style is still very popular and there is certainly a reason for this. With white, pastel shades and natural shades as your starting point, you create a perfect combination. We also see this trend increasingly often in the hobby industry. Use our DIY projects to bring serenity to your artworks and scrapbook pages or give your interior a Scandinavian style with the fun hexagonal boxes. Stamp the best mottos onto your work with the clear stamps from the Love It! collection.

Pastel tints

The beautiful pastel shades provide enough inspiration to create your own do it yourself projects.  Consider, for example, the use of the graphic stamp in your interior. Take, as an example, the Graphical layout that you find on this page and apply it, for example, onto plates or a vase that you want to refurbish. With the Love It! collection, the possibilities are endless!