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Die-cutting machines

Die-cutting machines

With a die cutting machine, designs made of paper and other thin materials can be cut out quickly and effortlessly. Unlike a pair of scissors, craft knife or punch, die cuts create extremely precise, intricate and professional looking patterns in all sizes. The process can be repeated as often as needed to make identical shapes. A useful tool for scrapbooking, card making and all other paper crafts.

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Sizzix • Big Shot Plus Machine Bundle

Sizzix • Big Shot Plus Machine Bundle

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We R Makers • Multi Cinch Cartridge Square Punch 2:1

We R Makers • Multi Cinch Cartridge Square Punch 2:1

We R Makers
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Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

Most paper die cutting machines can cut as well as emboss a pattern. These craft cutters are a combination of a punch and embossing machine. Embossing is a simple and quick way to add incredible imprints and other visual elements to your favourite cardstock, paper and more by raising a three-dimensional image on the surface. Creating a tangible design will add an extra special touch to your projects. Ideal for crafting birthday cards, party invitations, scrapbook embellishments, envelopes and other creative ideas.

We have the best die cutting machines on offer. Well-known models including the Big Shot and Big Shot Plus from Sizzix, The Vaessen Creative Cut Easy Mini, the Evolution by We R Memory Keepers and more.

How does Die Cutting work?

A die cutting machine can help beginners, as well as more experienced crafters, become papercraft experts. The machines are very easy to use and have a similar way of working in general, though please check your machine as functions may vary from device to device.

The following parts are required to work with a die cutting machine:
- Base Plate or platform
- Cutting Pads
- Die cut or embossing folder
- Paper or other suitable material

The individual parts are assembled on top of each other like a sandwich. Starting with the base platform at the bottom, followed by the first of the cutting pads, the chosen material and die cut, finally completed by the second cutting pad. This sandwich pile is placed into the machine. Simply turn the handle to start manually or press a button to work electronically. The machine will spin your work through heavy duty rollers to achieve stunning results.

Die Cutting and Embossing Accessories

There are starter packs available for many Die Cutting and Embossing machines which include all required parts. Handy accessories, like die cutting platforms and embossing folders, can be purchased separately. We have a wide selection of designs and patterns in stock, differing in size and material.

Instantly cut intricate animal, alphabet or flower die cuts from cardstock, paper, fabric, felt, foil, shrink plastic, leather and many other thin craft materials! This multi-purpose tool is a must-have for truly unique scrapbooking, decoupage and card making.

The Sizzix Big Shot machine is widely compatible with other die cutting brands. However, when purchasing accessories please make sure that they are compatible with your die cutting machine as not all parts are universal.