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Clay modelling

Clay modelling

Polymer clay is the most popular clay in the art and craft world. Polymer clay is easy to shape. It will remain soft and malleable until you bake it. Our hobby clays are available in many different colors, which you can mix to create even more colors. Among our brands, we offer clay by Cernit and Darwi.

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Martha Stewart • Basic Clay assorti 56g 4pcs

Martha Stewart • Basic Clay assorti 56g 4pcs

Martha Stewart
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Sculptural clay, light clay, chamotte clay, red clay, terracotta clay, molding clay, silver clay: there are dozens of different types of clay. The arts and crafts world mostly uses modeling clay, which consists of every type of clay that can be shaped by hand. There are types that air dry and types that need to be baked before hardening.

Make Your Own Jewelry

Cernit is the most popular brand of clay for making beads and pendants. It's easy to knead, and you can bake it to hardness in your own oven.