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Textile tools

Needlework used to be a mandatory subject in school, at least for the girls (the boys took woodworking or car mechanics instead). Nowadays needlework is a very popular way of crafting, such as sewing, crocheting, knitting, quilting, embroidering, plaiting or spinning. The most important tools for needlework are your own hands and off course needles.

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Collall • Textilico Textile Marker Black

Collall • Textilico Textile Marker Black

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Because of technology and the stressful culture in which we live, more and more people are finding that it is their crafting hobby that provides them with the relaxation they need. By crafting, we mean such activities as crocheting, knitting, quilting and sewing: hobbies that you can do at home. Make your own hats, socks, scarves, pillows, bags, knitted lampshades, baskets, flowerpots, wall decoration or patchwork quilts. The possibilities are endless. It’s fun to make these products yourself. To help you on your way, Vaessen Creative offers various handicraft supplies so that you can work with precision.

Everything you need for crocheting and knitting

You can knit with knitting needles or with a knitting loom. The knitting looms sold by Vaessen Creative are plastic. You can choose between round and rectangular knitting looms and there are also various sizes. In addition, it may be useful to have a knitting accessory kit in the house. Are you looking for educational material to learn to knit and/or crochet? If so, take a look at the 'I taught myself knitting book' + DVD and the 'I taught myself crocheting book' + DVD. Fun crocheting projects for beginners and experts can be found in The Crochet Dude kit.

At Vaessen Creative, you will also find yarn, crochet hooks made of steel, aluminum and plastic, as well as plastic wool crocheting needles, stocking knitting needles and knitting needles made of aluminum and plastic. Do you want to knit and are you struggling with the knitting needles? If so, the jumbo spool knitter is a godsend. You do not need knitting needles anymore because you can then knit with a loom and a hook.

Everything you need for quilting

Quilting is the joining of different types of fabric. With quilting, you process the fabric pieces into a blanket of three layers: a top, a filling and a backing. The pitting of the three layers of fabric is called quilting. You can make a quilt by hand but you can also make a quilt using a sewing machine.

At Vaessen Creative you will find, alongside the We R Memory Keepers sewing machine, quilting fabrics and a self-healing cutting mat to cut fabrics to the right size, various quilting supplies such as:

  • a quilting ruler
  • Water soluble quilting marking pens and pencils to mark something on the fabric
  • quilting pins to pin the pieces of fabric together

Everything you need for sewing

Notions are small textiles and other small sewing supplies. Notions include such items as thimbles, headed pins, safety pins, (sewing machine) needles, embroidery needles, upholstery needles, darning needles, basting needles, weaving and pack needles, Velcro, stitch holders, French knitting spools, hole punchers, pompom makers, water soluble marking pencils, marking pens and measuring tape.

With the We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Stitch Piercer, you can easily embroider your own cards. You simply roll it over your paper project and you have created a pattern of your choice. At Vaessen Creative, you will find various attachments so that you have a choice of different patterns.