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Paint pigments

Paint pigments

Heat embossing provides a slightly dimensional, raised effect and gives an elegant and shiny look to just about any paper project. Embossing powders come in different colors and types. To create a pearlescent glow or add a dash of glitz. You can use any stamp, although it’s easier to get a clean embossed image using a stamp with bold, clear lines. You need the embossing powder to stick to the inked image before heating it, so you’ll want an ink pad that dries slowly.

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Cosmic Shimmer • Tinting Powder Dove Grey 50ml

Cosmic Shimmer • Tinting Powder Dove Grey 50ml

Cosmic Shimmer
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Not all stamps, inks and heat tools are equally suitable for embossing. It is best to take a stamp with slightly thicker lines and not too many details. Use a suitable heat tool from the Vaessen Creative range. Do not start using a hair dryer as this will blow the powder away. The best ink for embossing is ink with a long drying time.