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Craft paint

Craft paint

There are many choices when it comes to paint, and we regularly get new paints in stock. Many fun and beautiful projects have been made with magnet paint. This paint can make almost any surface magnetic. A magnet board in the shape of an apple in the kitchen? An invisible magnet wall, made by painting over the magnet paint with your regular wall paint? Anything is possible!

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Studio Light  • Essentials Watercolor Paint 24 Colors

Studio Light • Essentials Watercolor Paint 24 Colors

Studio Light
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Make any surface magnetic. Make your own magnet board with our magnet paint. Magnet paint is paint that contains metal, which means magnets stick to it. The more layers, the better the magnets will stick. Magnet paint is a primer and can be painted over in any color. You can also add a layer of chalkboard paint over the magnet paint, for a wall you can draw on as well as stick things to.


A transparent, water-soluble paint to be used on watercolor paper. You only need a little bit of paint, just add water. Watercolors can create the most beautiful and fun effects. Watercolor paint is always transparent or translucent. The light can move through it and will reflect the white of the paper.


Ecoline is a very thin liquid, a water-soluble type of paint that is available in many different colors. Because ecoline is so thin, it can be used for many different techniques. Ecoline is transparent and easy to mix. Use a brush for the larger areas, and a dip pen for the fine, sharp details.

Glow In The Dark

Decorative paint that lights up in the dark, if the paint has been exposed to the sun or artificial light beforehand. Perfect for creating a starry sky on the ceiling of a child's bedroom, or for painting glow in the dark sheep to count until you fall asleep. Martha Stewart Crafts also has glow in the dark varnish and powder.