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Calligraphy is the art of creating elaborate cursive hand lettering, borders and other designs. Use special calligraphy pens to produce manuscript writing and different kinds of scripts. The pens have a flattened tip that will help create beautiful letters, swirls and curls.

Fine liners are pens that have an extremely thin tip. Ideal for adding details to precise drawings, lettering or graphic projects.

We stock calligraphy pens and fineliners from the best brands in the crafting industry, like Edding, Bruynzeel, Tombow, Sakura, EK Tools, Kelly Creates and American Crafts. All products can be found in this category.

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Sakura • Gelly Roll Gel Pen Stardust Glitter 724 Purple

Sakura • Gelly Roll Gel Pen Stardust Glitter 724 Purple

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Calligraphy pens for hand lettering

Originally, calligraphy pens were only available as fountain pens or dip pens. But these days, calligraphy markers are used the most. Markers are ideal writing tools as they already contain ink so there’s no mess with ink spills or cartridge changes. Each pen has a long-lasting quality tip, an ergonomic comfort grip and an easy ink flow.

Choose between an individual pen or calligraphy set and get started on italic writing. Sets are perfect for beginners looking to craft modern calligraphy. Most come with detailed and easy to follow instructions. Immerse yourself in the art of penmanship with calligraphy. 

Thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes are the building blocks of hand lettering. Use traceable practice sheets for guidance and practise the basic strokes, loops, hooks, arcs and ovals. Special tracing or writing pads to practice calligraphy and hand-lettering fonts are available separately.

Start creating personalised decorations and embellishments for your scrapbooks, invitations, letters and greetings cards. Get crafty with lettering, colouring, drawing, doodling and artsy craft projects!

The tips or nibs are available in different sizes, tip widths and colours. We also have dual-tip calligraphy pens with two different sized tips on the same pen so that you can switch between sizes simply by turning the pen around.

Create and craft with fine liners

Pens designed for drawing and writing with smooth, fine lines. Fineliners are ideal for creating detailed artwork, sketches, stencils and technical drawings. The fine-tipped pens are often used to draw mandalas and zentangles. Whether you're writing letters, postcards, notes or adding doodles to your bullet journal, we’re sure to have the right pens for your craft project.

Most fine liner pens have a framed tip, either in metal or plastic, to ensure the thin tip lasts long and is secure during use. The pens can be used by beginners as well as more experienced crafters looking to expand their craft supplies.

Fine liners are easy to work with because of the smooth, reliable ink flow. The ink dries very quickly, to avoid smudging, which is especially handy for left-handed or younger users. Suitable to paint, stamp or embellish after drying. Add professional-quality artwork to all of your projects.

We stock fine liners in a collection of colours and tip widths. Sizes vary from 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm. Choose a set of various colours and widths, go for a single pen or a dual-tip fine liner pen.