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Scrapbooking is a trend that is still as popular as ever. It’s a fantastic way to capture your cherished memories in creative fashion. Later, you’ll be able to relive all your beautiful moments and important occasions when browsing through your handmade scrapbook albums. This category contains all the DIY projects for creating scrapbook layouts, such as a romantic French page, a wedding photo project, and a warm autumnal layout. Be inspired by these scrapbook ideas and get crafting on your own scrapbook pages for your most treasured memories!

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Have a go at making your own scrapbook layouts as a way of immortalizing your precious memories. Fill your scrapbook albums with beautiful pages, each with a story to tell and a feeling to convey. Use photos, add interesting captions, and finish off with some decorative touches. Scrapbooking has no rules. Give your creativity free rein! Scrapbook supplies make it even more fun to make a scrapbook album.

Scrapbook paper

A beautiful scrapbook album starts with a good base, which is the background for your project. Choose scrapbook paper that matches the theme of your scrapbook page. Scrapbook paper is available in an endless variety of colours and patterns. From paper in summery themes with colorful floral patterns to paper with winter scenes and even Christmas paper. There is something for everyone!

Cutting dies

A cutting machine provides even more options for your paper crafting projects, such as scrapbooking. With the help of a machine and cutting and embossing dies, you can create fun figures you can use to decorate and brighten up your scrapbook pages. Cutting dies can be used to cut out figures from paper, whilst embossing dies are used for embossing scrapbook paper. Embossing means that you create a relief pattern in the paper. This adds more depth to your projects. Both cutting dies and embossing dies are available in all conceivable figures and turn your project into something really special.


Stamping is another great way to decorate your scrapbook layouts. All you need are a stamping tool, stamps, and stamp ink. There are all sorts of stamps available, such as wooden stamps, text stamps, clear stamps, rubber stamps, and cling stamps. Choose a fun figure or an appropriate message and stamp to your heart’s content!


Turn your scrapbook layouts into a stylish ensemble by adding some decorations. There are countless types of embellishments available for scrapbook projects. It’s easy to find suitable decorations for any project. Embellishments include beautiful scrapbook stickers (3D stickers, foam stickers, Thickers stickers), washi tape, paperclips, collectables, buttons, beads, flowers, tags, and so much more.