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Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Take a look at the useful DIY projects in this category to learn what you can do with various mixed media materials and techniques. Mixed media art is the art of experimentation. Get off the beaten track and discover new paths during the process! We hope you’ll be inspired by these DIY projects.

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Anything is possible in mixed media projects! Mixed media art is a fun creative activity in which several techniques, materials, and colours are combined. It is a process of discovery. You are the artist. Use various types of mixed media techniques and mixed media materials to make your own masterpiece! Stamp, draw, stick, write, paint, and cut to your heart’s content!

Among our mixed media DIY projects, you’ll find a beautiful mixed media painting. This painting is made using products that include gesso, distress ink, stamps, crayons, and cardstock. Using a variety of materials such as gesso, paint, pens, rub-ons, and templates, you can also make a fantastic cover for your art journal.

The broad range of materials and techniques used will ensure your project is a success. Combine different materials, textures, and colours. You too can make beautiful mixed media art. Draw inspiration from our mixed media do it yourself projects and have a go yourself!

Mixed media techniques

Mixed media is called that for a reason. It is a form of art in which mixed techniques are used to produce beautiful end results. Have a go yourself: paint, draw, cut, stick, fold, write, and whatever else takes your fancy! The sky is the limit when it comes to mixed media techniques.

Mixed media materials

Our assortment contains everything you need for your mixed media art. From Powertex and various types of paint and ink to create a good base to stamps and templates, scrap paper and cardstock, and beautiful embellishments and glitters to finish off your project with a flourish.
One of the biggest names in the world of mixed media is Jane Davenport. Discover the brand’s richly colored products here. The collection contains everything you need to make beautiful portraits and mixed media art. From acrylic paint and paint over pens to stamps, mermaid markers, and collage paper.

Mixed media art opens up a whole new world of artistic and creative possibilities. There are no rules in mixed media art. Give your creativity free rein and be amazed at the projects that you can create.