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Punches are a great source of inspiration that is far from exhausted. Vaessen Creative has a large range of different shaped punches from all major brands as well as under private label. The butterfly and heart punches are very popular. In addition, we have corner punches, border punches, hand punches, eyelet punches and 3D punches.

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Vaessen Creative • Hole Punch Set Round

Vaessen Creative • Hole Punch Set Round

Vaessen Creative
Ordered before 3:00 PM, dispatched today!
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Punches are ideal if you enjoy working with (scrapbooking) paper. A punch works in the same way as a hole punch. You lay the paper between the two parts of the punch and then press it down. This punches a figure out of the paper, just as you make confetti with a hole punch. You can also use the paper that you punched the shapes from for your creations. So punching is a simple technique for young and old!

The shape produced is pictured on the top of the punch. Punches are essential if you want to decorate cards or scrapbook layouts, or for making gift tags. Use the small punches for making the contents of shaker cards or for confetti. Take care that the paper isn’t too thin, as otherwise the punch might snag. If the paper is too thick, you risk damaging the punch mechanism.

Buying punches

Buy creative punches at Vaessen Creative! Vaessen Creative boasts a range of more than 600 punches. These include its own-brand punches. More than half are shaped punches. There are shaped punches with many different themes, shapes and sizes.           

  • mini: has a diameter/width of 0.95 cm
  • small: has a diameter/width of 1.50 cm
  • medium: has a diameter/width of 2.50 cm
  • maxi: has a diameter/width of 3.75 cm
  • jumbo: has a diameter/width of 5 cm
  • jumbo +: has a diameter/width of 6.30 cm
  • super jumbo: has a diameter/width of 7.50 cm
  • giant: has a diameter/width of 8.90 cm

The diameter/width is the size of the circle that fits around the shape that is punched out. This method is used to classify the punches by size. This means that the width of the punched figure can be different and can be a little smaller than the size of the circle.

You can also buy punches from the major brands at Vaessen Creative. For example:

Shaped punch, corner punch, hole punch and many more types of punches.

There are different types of punches. Whether you’re looking for a shaped punch, a corner punch, a hole punch or another style of punch, you’ll find it at Vaessen Creative. Shaped punches are available in a wide variety of shapes. These include the circle punch, the square punch, the butterfly punch, the heart punch, the star punch, the flower punch, the letter punch, and a great many more.

A corner punch fits exactly over the corner of the sheet of paper. It’s ideal for punching the corners of the paper into decorative shapes. With edge punches you can make pretty decorative edges to your paper, such as lacy edges. 3D punches are specially made for creating 3D effects. These punches work, for example, by using layers of different sizes. A hole punch makes eyelets in paper, which is very handy for gift tags. Magnetic punches are great for punching out shapes in the middle of the paper.

At Vaessen Creative you can also find a hand punch for punching paper with one hand. You hold the punch between your thumb and index finger. Press thumb and finger together to punch a hole.

Would you like to make your own 3D cards or greetings cards?

Would you like to try making 3D cards or greetings cards? Then punched shapes would come in very handy for decoration. 3D punches are very useful for making 3D cards. With the 3D butterfly punch or 3D flower punch from Vaessen Creative, you can make fabulous 3D butterflies or flowers all over the paper. This is possible because the punch is in two parts and is equipped with a powerful magnet. You can use a 3D punch over the whole sheet of paper.

The advantage of making your own greetings cards is that you decide what to put on a card and what your theme is. You choose the message and the text, the colors, embellishments and scrapbooking paper. Different techniques can be used to make greetings cards. You can explore stamping, embossing (adding texture to your paper), embroidery and punching. And you can combine these techniques for even more creative possibilities.