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Craft toolsCraft tools
Cutting tools

Cutting tools

You shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to cutting. A scrapbooker is always looking for the best frame edges for his pictures, whereas a seamstress always is in need of pinking scissors or fabric scissors. At Vaessen Creative we have all you need for cutting and folding.

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Vaessen Creative • Rolmes inclusief 3 messen Ø28mm

Vaessen Creative • Rolmes inclusief 3 messen Ø28mm

Vaessen Creative
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Tonic Studios • Tim Holtz glass media mat (left-handed)

Tonic Studios • Tim Holtz glass media mat (left-handed)

Tonic Studios
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If you're looking for some cutters, you've come to the right place: Vaessen Creative. Whether you want to make garlands, envelopes, boxes, flowers or windmills, we have the perfect tool for every design.

Score board and punch board

A score board is the ideal scrapbooking tool for anyone wanting to make envelopes, bows, flowers, gift boxes or custom-made boxes. A score board makes it easy to create neat folds in both paper and cardboard. The result (a fold line) is referred to as a 'score’. It's often used on paper with a thickness of 170 grams upwards. Without a score line, you'll find it difficult to fold paper or cardboard in a straight line.

A ruler and bone folder are supplied with most score boards. The mini score boards are the ideal option for A5 paper; the other boards are perfect for A4 paper.

Create fun party decorations like paper edges, rosettes (with a flower-shaped design) and lanterns with the American Crafts Fringe Scissors. Use the DIY party board to create fun paper party hats and cupcake wraps. You'll find that you have plenty of choices!

Use a punch board to make your own fun envelopes, garlands, flowers, letters, windmills, gift bags, gift boxes, pillow boxes and candy boxes. Sizes are shown in both inches and centimetres.

Paper cutter

If you're looking for a paper cutter, you've come to the right place: Vaessen Creative. Whether you need a Fiskars cutting machine, a Fiskars cutting ruler, Fiskars craft knives, a Tonic cutting machine, a Carl Paper cutter or an own-brand paper cutter. A paper cutter is a handy tool for anyone wanting to cut pieces of paper because there's a big chance that your ruler will move if you try cutting your paper with it.

You'll be pleased to know that Vaessen Creative even supplies a paper cutter that you can use to cut out different card sizes. Other handy tools are available too, such as the EK Tools Curvy Cutter spiral maker, which you can use to cut out spiral shapes, and the EK Tools Curvy Cutter bow maker, which is ideal for cutting out bow shapes. Yet another useful tool is the Fiskars ShapeCutter, which enables you to cut out different paper shapes aided by the Fiskars templates.

Circle cutter

If you want to cut out perfect ovals or circles with a diameter of between 2 and 15 cm, you'll find the perfect circle cutter and handy measuring tool, like the Olfa circle cutter, at Vaessen Creative. Each circle cutter is ideal for cutting out different materials, like fabric, paper, photos, light cardboard (1 mm) and felt. We even supply spare blades.

We always recommend that customers use a cutting mat under the circle cutter, as this is the best way to protect your table or desk.

Craft knife

A craft knife is useful for anyone wanting to do some precise craft cutting. You'll find it handy for even the smallest cutting job. It's ideal when making 3D cards, Christmas cards and other cards too. Great thought has been given to the handles on all of the craft knives we supply, giving you the control you need when cutting any material.

Vaessen Creative offers a wide range of different brands of craft knives. These include an Olfa cutting blade, a Fiskars cutting blade, Tonic Studios cutting blades, own-brand cutting blades, snap-off blades and many, many more.

Cutting mat

Vaessen Creative supplies a number of different brands of high-quality cutting mats; each mat features a handy grid and lines per cm that you won’t find it easy to cut through. A self-healing cutting mat, a Cricut cutting mat and a glass cutting mat are all available too. We supply cutting mats in different sizes: A2, A3 or A4, for example. Some cutting mats even show different angles as well.

A self-healing cutting mat is useful for anyone wanting to align and cut paper and fabric. We recommend that you order a glass cutting mat if you intend to work with paint, glue or ink. Alternatively, you could use a non-stick craft sheet over the cutting mat. The non-stick craft sheet features a thin repellent layer, making it easy to clean, and it's heat-resistant too. This is ideal for anyone working with a heat tool. If you want to do any cutting on a craft sheet, stick the craft sheet to the back of the cutting mat.


Vaessen Creative supplies various types and sizes of high-quality scissors, including Fiskars scissors, which are comfortable to hold. Left-handed scissors, right-handed scissors, pinking scissors, fabric scissors, tweezer scissors, paper scissors, craft scissors and secateurs: we stock them all here at Vaessen Creative.

If you want scissors to last, only use them for the purpose for which they have been produced. Use the fabric scissors and textile scissors to cut textiles, not paper. Pinking scissors are a useful way of avoiding frayed edges and creating a zigzag pattern in the fabric. Tweezer scissors are a good alternative if you find it difficult to hold ordinary scissors (because of rheumatism, for example).

Polystyrene cutter

The polystyrene cutter looks like a fretsaw and comes completed with a safety bar. You will find AAA batteries in the handle of the polystyrene cutter; they ensure that the wire heats up to a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius. Once the metal wire is hot, it will glide through the polystyrene easier and seal it off too. Spare wire for the polystyrene cutter is available from Vaessen Creative as well.

Armed with the polystyrene cutter, you'll be able to create the best Christmas, Easter or home-decoration, and Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts. And 3D cards too. If you don't want to cut polystyrene yourself, you'll find all kinds of polystyrene shapes, like polystyrene plates and little polystyrene balls at Vaessen Creative as well. Whether you're looking for a polystyrene wreath, a polystyrene head, a polystyrene cone, a polystyrene cake, a polystyrene egg or a polystyrene box, you'll find what you're looking for at Vaessen Creative.