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Chenille and pom poms

Chenille and pom poms

Chenille is the French word for caterpillar. It's a nod to how flexible, bendy, and colorful this wire is. And of course you can use it to make beautiful caterpillars and butterflies with it.

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Vaessen Creative • Pipe Cleaners 6mm 100pcs 30cm Assorted

Vaessen Creative • Pipe Cleaners 6mm 100pcs 30cm Assorted

Vaessen Creative
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Another name for chenille wire is pipe cleaner. It is often used to give stuffed animals a flexible tail or paws. But of course there are thousands of other ways to use chenille in your arts and crafts. Bend for example a pair of glasses ouf of pipe cleaners or combine the strings with beads.

Variations and Creations

Pipe cleaners are available in various widths and lengths, in a myriad of colors. They're even available in metallic colors. Buy sets of 25 or 100 of the same color, or a set with 45 different colors.

You can use pom-poms to make all kinds of animals and flowers, but also use them to make necklaces, garlands, and scarves. Or how about using them as a finish for a rug, hat, or pillow?

Making Pom-poms

Would you rather make your own pom-pom? It's easy and fun to do. All you need is a ball of yarn, some scissors, and two cardboard rings. Or you can wrap the yawn around a fork. We have all the supplies you need to make one of these woolly masterpieces right here.