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Daylight lamps or LED craft lights are ideal for illuminating any craft room. Drawing, painting, crafting, sewing and all other art and craft techniques that require a high level of concentration and precision can be carried out neatly thanks to pleasant lighting. The natural tone of colour lightens up the workspace. The lamps work perfectly in the evenings and in very dark rooms.

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Joy!Crafts • Ultra-Thin A4 Pannello luminoso Dimmable

Joy!Crafts • Ultra-Thin A4 Pannello luminoso Dimmable

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We R Makers • Comfort Craft Vergrootlamp

We R Makers • Comfort Craft Vergrootlamp

We R Makers
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We offer a variety of table lamps, desk lamps, light pads and accessories.

Craft lighting for artists, hobbyists and crafters

Craft lamps provide perfect lighting for drawing, painting, crafting, sewing and even reading. We have a range of quality daylight lamps. Their soft light is based on natural daylight. It protects the eyes and ensures that they do not tire quickly. Recommended for pleasant crafting in the evenings or in poorly lit rooms.

Daylight lamps are available in various sizes and designs. The light intensity can usually be regulated by touch control. Switch between different brightness levels with a single touch. There are also dimmable lamps that allow the lighting strength to be controlled meaning the lamp can always be adapted to your requirements.
LED lamps are also energy efficient with low heat emission. Powered by a plug-in power cord or USB cable. Lights with the USB option are more flexible as they are easy to bring along on the go or outside.

Craft Light Pads

LED light up pads, also known as light boards and light boxes, are flat, illuminated work surfaces that are used to trace or draw.

The pad lights up your work from below, creating an even and bright surface. Ideal for fine drawings, illustrations, hand lettering, brush lettering and calligraphy. But also handy for other creative techniques, such as tracing texts or quotes for in a scrapbook or photo album. The light board can also be used for Diamond Painting, as the light makes it easier to see the numbers, colours and symbols of the small rhinestones so that they can be placed effortlessly.

We have craft lamps and lighting from high-quality brands like Joy Crafts, Darice, Paperfuel and our own label Vaessen Creative. The best light pads are available in the sizes A4, A3 and A2. Most models have a ruler printed along the sides of the work surface. Both beginners and experienced crafters will enjoy working with this handy craft tool. Ideal for professional, educational or creative use by both adults and children.  

Craft Lamp Adapter

We offer a range of backup USB plugs, cords and adapters that can universally be used for light tracing pads, light boxes and any other lighting with a USB port.