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Styrofoam is a perfect hobby material. It's lightweight, waterproof, and perfect for decorations. Polystyrene shapes are the ideal base for a whole range of craft activities including needle felting, decoupage and sequin art. Buy all types of Styrofoam at Vaessen Creative, including balls, wreaths and cones.

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Vaessen Creative • Styrofoam figure cone 15cm

Vaessen Creative • Styrofoam figure cone 15cm

Vaessen Creative
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Styrofoam balls and rings are our most popular items. They can be used to make Christmas ornaments or wreaths. And our half spheres make perfect pincushions. We have many other different Styrofoam shapes and figures available, such as cones, heads, and busts.

Crafting with Styrofoam

Styrofoam, or isomo, is a distinctive white type of polystyrene that consist of little balls. It started as an insulation material, but is being used more and more in the craft world. Other brand names for this versatile craft material are Styropor and Tempex. You can order Styrofoam in all different shapes and sizes at Vaessen Creative.

It starts with the basics

A styrofoam shape is an ideal basis for making all kinds of artworks: cones, pyramids, cubes, spheres and egg shapes inspire every hobbyist to make all kinds of decorative objects. The material can be perfectly covered with, for example, paint, gesso or powertex. In addition, pins can be inserted: to secure a bow or to secure natural materials such as autumn leaves or (dried) flowers. Our collection includes a number of ready-made figures, such as animals, hearts and even torsos, that can be painted and decorated with all kinds of materials by your customers. It is therefore very worthwhile to invite your customers to get to know this versatile material during a workshop!

Make your own Christmas ball

That could be a workshop name, because how nice it is to make a personal Christmas tree with homemade Christmas balls? At Vaessen Creative you will find spherical shapes in all sizes, from small polystyrene balls to balls with a diameter of no less than 50 cm! Paint them, stick personal photos on them and decorate them with glitter, beads and with personal texts. We also have cotton wool balls in the range. These are made of a softer material and are very suitable for making snowmen. But a sphere is of course not reserved for winter scenes. Consider what ball shapes you can come up with and release all possible techniques on the styrofoam ball!

The nicest Easter decorations

Easter is also a nice opportunity for making all kinds of nice decorations in your home. Our pee foam collection also contains egg shapes in all sizes. Little ones, to hang on Easter branches, or giant eggs that look great with an Easter breakfast or on a seasonal table. Just as with the round ball shapes, we also offer soft "cotton wool eggs" that you and your customers can work with in all kinds of ways using all possible techniques.

Create a styrofoam object yourself

In addition to the ready-made styrofoam figures, we also have flat styrofoam shapes and plates. This allows your customers to create an object themselves as the basis for their artwork. The material can be processed very well into a special shape. It is also important to work with a special polystyrene cutter, otherwise the polystyrene balls will fly around! This looks like a jigsaw, but has a sharp wire instead of a saw, with which you effortlessly "saw" through the material. We have both cutters and loose cutting wire in our range.