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Paint and mediums

Paint and mediums

There are many ways to be creative and to express yourself. Painting is one of the most popular ways of expressing yourself through art. For the best result, it's important you use the right paint. We offer a wide variety of paints: acrylic paint, chalk paint, lime paint, porcelain paint, fabric paint, and multi surface paint. Of course we also have all kinds of paint agents and effects that will help you finish a painting, add a protective layer, or add special effects.

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Many hobby painters favor acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are used for many different painting techniques, can be used on a myriad of surfaces, and are quick to dry. You can dilute acrylics easily with water. When the paint dries, the water evaporates, leaving behind an elastic acrylic layer on the canvas which isn't sensitive to moisture, light, or temperature. An acrylic painting will therefore last a long time.

Chalk Paint

Chalk and lime paint have the same matte look, but they're not the same at all. Lime paint is a natural paint, made with slake lime and pigments. Instead of a uniform color, you get subtle differences in shade throughout. When using lime paint, you use a special type of brush. On the other hand, chalk paint gives a uniform color finish, and is easy to paint on with a regular brush or roller.

For Walls and Furniture

A fine chalk paint is great for painting walls and furniture, as well as decorative items made of paper mache and chipboard. Chalk paint is also perfect for all kinds of decoration techniques: patination, distressing through sanding, and crazing.

First, print out your photograph or image with a laser printer. Remember that the transferred image will be mirrored on the new surface.

Volume and structure

By mixing acrylic paint with gel mediums, you can give your artwork more volume and structure. The gel mediums make the acrylic paint more transparent, while keeping its viscosity. Because gel mediums are great adherents, they are also the perfect product for gluing fabric, wood, or stone together. Most mediums can be added to the paint in any amount until you've achieved the desired effect