A serious hobby needs the right tools. Creating scrapbooks like a professional requires more than just glue and some scissors. Hate getting messy with glue? Our glue guns are easy to use and cut down on the mess. If you want to make your own jewelry, you need all kinds of pliers, clasps, chains, and wires. And when making beautiful creations with your ironing beads, our handy pegboards will keep the beads neatly in place. Whether it’s painting, making mosaics, knitting, or crocheting: the right tools and materials will make crafting easier and more fun.

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Do you feel the urge to create something? Then it’s a good idea to have high-quality craft tools at home. Especially in our busy lives we can find relaxation and pleasure in activities such as quilling, mosaics, making fuse bead designs, scrapbooking, making cards, jewelry-making or home decoration projects. It saves you a lot of frustration if you have good craft tools at home, as this makes the work easier.

Jewelry tools: essential for making jewelry

Would you like to try your hand at jewelry-making? You’ll find just the right jewelry tools at Vaessen Creative, such as pliers to work with and handy bead boards that serve as jewelry organizers. A bead board helps you in designing your jewelry and is a handy tool to use when you don’t know exactly how you want to place the beads in your bracelet or necklace.

Glue gun

A glue gun is a handy tool to have at home and is easy to work with. You simply plug the glue gun into the socket. The glue gun then heats up and the glue starts to melt. You don’t have to wait long – after about a minute the glue gun is ready for use. The advantage of a glue gun is that the glue dries quickly compared to universal glue. It also lets you work very precisely.


Are you looking for craft tools for making elegant bows for cards, scrapbooking, giftwrapping or hairbows? Then the Bowdabra or bowmaker will take the work off your hands. With the Bowdabra, it just takes a moment to make the most beautiful bows that are exactly the same length on both sides. You can even use this tool for home decoration projects or to make a corsage.

Mosaic nippers

For making mosaics there are two types of mosaic nippers. The first type of mosaic nippers look like pincers and the second type of mosaic nippers are wheeled nippers. Both sorts of nippers are suitable for cutting all kinds of glass mosaic tiles. However, the wheeled nippers are more suitable for finer pieces. Although the wheeled nippers have wheels, these do not turn and you cut with them as you do with basic nippers. When cutting, do make sure that you wear protective glasses in case small fragments fly out.

Fuse beads

Would you like to make artworks with fuse beads? With Vaessen Creative you’ve come to the right place. What do you need for this hobby? Hama fuse beads or Perler fuse beads, fuse bead pegboards, ironing paper and an iron that ensures that the fuse beads melt and fuse together. Vaessen Creative supplies various handy aids such as tweezers, a stem clipper and a bead sweeper to clear up the fuse beads quickly and easily.

Paper filigree or quilling

Paper filigree or quilling has existed for hundreds of years and involves rolling strips of paper. At Vaessen Creative we have just the right tools for filigree: the quilling tool and the quilling template. With the quilling tool it’s easy to roll narrow strips of paper (filigree paper or quilling paper), which produces a paper spiral with which you can make different shapes. You stick down the loose end with a small drop of glue. Use the quilling template and the pins supplied with it to make beautiful filigree art.


A ruler is an indispensable tool if you like scrapbooking or making cards. A ruler is a handy instrument for measuring and ensures that you can make straight lines to cut along. An aluminum ruler is particularly handy if you’re using a craft knife. Vaessen Creative offers a wide choice of rulers. You can even find a ruler for writing addresses, a folding ruler and a tearing ruler.


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